5 Senses Collection

To write a new page in history, it is necessary to overturn the standards and habits of each of us, and to do so we decided to start from the basics.

stonecycle presents its first capsule collection “5 SENSES MARBLE DESIGN COLLECTION” with the aim to discover and experiment through marble the 5 human senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

What follows is what we’ve been imagining and dreamt of during these past months:

Seeing through marble:
Limited edition sun glasses called: Lorano, Crestola, Fantiscritti, Canalgrande, Gioia and Campanili names of six important marble basins of Carrara. Technology and marble blending together: a strong and light carbon soul and one super thin sheet of marble.

Matter, shape and technology unite giving birth to six models unique in its genre.

The sunglasses derive from two marble slabs of 1 cm thickness, laminated on a carbon foil. Marble is rough-hewed with high precision machinery and subsequently worked by hand by skilled sculptors. Nature’s design sculpted on each marble peace makes it unique and unrepeatable.

Proposed materials are: Calacata Borghini, Blu Sodalite, Portoro di Portovenere, Verde Alpi, Vulcan Lava, Pink of Portugal.

Assembled with extra quality lenses made in Italy.

Hearing through marble:
A music station called Saturn.
Two caps in precious Calacata Borghini mate perfectly to form a ball of light.
With a click the upper cap raises a few centimetres, and an impenetrable beam of light escapes.

The two shells illuminate creating an immersive design of colors, recalling the craters of an extraterrestrial planet.

A hifi audio system has been developed internally, made more engaging by a smartphone app providing access to various functions and sources like Spotify, cloud music, playlists, Itunes…

Saturn is a hifi Class D 15W + 15W with four full range speakers based on a 32-bit microprocessor playing liquid audio from multiple sources via wifi, bluetooth or via Aux input.

Smell of marble:
What’s marble’s scent? This is what we’ve been asking ourselves, the answer… it doesn’t have one, or at least one does not have a clear perception of it.

We’ve developed a series of jewels composed by: necklace, bracelet and cufflinks with a dispenser capable of retaining the essence chose by whom is wearing them.
With two simple movements it is possible to impregnate the fragrance dispenser with the chosen cologne giving the jewel stone a unique and personal scent.
The little dispenser has been designed also to lock all jewels.

The essence is no longer sprayed on our skin but worn like a dress or an accessory.

The metallic element is available both silver rhodium plated or 24k gold plated while marble can be Calacata Borghini or Portoro di Portovenere. At request, metal parts in 24k gold or silver.

Taste of marble:
One of the most important senses, as one may be blind, death and some may not smell, but taste il life; food is indispensable for our survival.

Confronting with taste has made us think of the utensils of taste, the objects part of our lives and indispensable each day.
Three plates for the main courses: dinner, soup and dessert, each consisting of a sculptural element in marble, and another static and geometric in glass.
 Perfect fusion that combines transparency of glass and the always different painting of the Apuan Alps marble.

Three glasses in Calacata Borghini for different liquids and different moments: wine, flute and water. Half marble, half glass asymmetrically connected.

Touch of marble:
Extremely cold, but it could also turn very warm, even hot… Touch may be pleasure or pain, we’ve chosen the first giving you a series of innovative and elegant sex toys made of marble and precious metals.
For your most sensual moments discovering pleasure without any taboo, a set of: dildo, spheres, plug and a cat o ‘nine tails.

At first sight, the design does not recall traditional sex toys, and thanks to it, they can be easily and naturally be carried, placed in the home environment and in the every day life.

The toys are made of a marble and a metal section. The customer may choose among two combinations: Calacata Borghini marble with silver rhodium plated metallic parts, or Portoro di Portovenere marble with 24k gold plated sections.
For the most demanding, at request, metal parts in 24k gold or silver.